The Student Union coordinates student participation in the different university bodies (Faculty Board, Department Councils, Committees, etc.) and also represents students from the Faculty before the Student Council of the University of Seville, CADUS. Its most important decisions are put to a vote during meetings.

The Faculty of Physics Student Union is headed by the following students, who were appointed as members of the “DeleGauss candidature:

  • Macarena Mérida Floriano
  • José María Tello Pérez
  • Elena Cabello Olmo
  • Raúl Domínguez González
  • José Antonio Ortiz Melo.

The following channels can be used to contact Union members and to find out more about Faculty events, propose suggestions or ask questions:

  • Telephone number: 954 55 28 96


Culture Department (auladecultura@gmail.com)

The Culture Department organises various activities during the academic year, structured as specific workshops. Last year’s programme included role-playing games, manga and video games, music, cinema, arts and crafts, juggling, board games and watchmen workshops. There is also a loan service for books, CDs, films, board games, juggling accessories, etc.

All students are welcome to participate in the Culture Department and propose new activities.

Last year, a Cultural Week was organised jointly with the Biology Culture Department entitled ‘Conciencias ‘08’.

All students are encouraged to participate in the preparation of the Cultural Week.

For more information or to start participating, come to the department premises located in the basement common room.

The following document (Structure) explains how the department is structured.

And this document explains how it functions. (Information).


Sports Department

The Sports Department in the Physics Faculty is part of the Sports Activities Service of the University of Seville (SADUS, http://www.sadus.us.es/). It shares its premises with the Faculty’s Student Union. The Sports Department representatives can provide you with information on how to participate in its activities.


Seville Association of Physics Students (ASEF) (http://asef.us.es)

ASEF has its headquarters on the Faculty premises. During the course of the academic year it organises talks and conferences, trips, visits to scientific-technical centres, astronomical observations and an astronomy workshop. It also publishes the “Quantum” magazine and ASEF invites physics students to participate in the association’s activities. It shares its premises with the Student Union.

 ASEF website: http://fisicaensevilla.wordpress.com/.

e-mail: fisicaensevilla@gmail.com .